The objects of SHRI RUDRA SEVA TRUST shall be public charitable purposes and its income shall be applied or accumulated only for charitable purpose not inconsistent with any of the provision of Income Tax Act 1961 and any other statutory modification thereof and without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, the following shall deemed to be the principal objects (without any discrimination of caste, creed, religious, society or gender).                               A. The trust is being set up for the promotion of spiritual, physical, mental, educational development and upliftment of adults and children of all ages without any distinction of caste, creed or religion and in the interest of mankind in general.  

              B. To aid or establish, takeover or collaborate with any institution or school or association, for physical, mental, spiritual, educational development, uplift of intelligence or its development.

                C. To propagate, impart and adopt any audiovisual methods for solving the problems of crime, drug abuses and help in the inculcation of such behavior as would bring happiness to the family of man or generally mankind without reservation of his status, caste and religion.

                D. To aid or establish any institution or adopt means for imparting, promotion of any art, science or any other field of education, propagate for removal of social evils, old customs which bind and constain us or render or promote self-help to overcome any of these evils particularly for the poor or weaker sections of the society in India or abroad.
                E. To establish any home, institution or society for imparting knowledge or for the welfare, maintenance and development of orphans of any community or society.
                F. To establish any institution or society for the welfare of victims of natural calamities and/or to provide food, clothing and shelter to any needy person or persons from time to time. 

               G. To undertake the compilation, printing and publication of:-  

              1. Simple prayers for daily prayers for spiritual and psychological uplift of people generally.  

              2. Simple booklets explaining the basic morals and values of human life and for moral  upliftment. 

               3. Books suitable for moral and spiritual instructions to school-going children, containing simple                     science, stories from epics depicting the life of ideal persons, sages and other renowned personalities. 

               H. To award prizes in competition of physical games and educational competitions and to award scholarships for the needy and to provide ways and means for the uplift of poor and needy children or individuals and to inculcate moral discipline.

                I. To arrange and provide such medical aid and such other assistance necessary for living to the needy persons who are otherwise incapable or handicapped or mentally or physically retarded and financially uplift any person of poor class.

                J. To render any social, moral and financial assistance for betterment of life of any unmarried girl or boy, widow or widower from time to time.

                K. To arrange tours or provide conveyance to any person or persons to and from any such place (s) of historical or universally acclaimed  place or places which may enlighten and defuse knowledge and/or for the avoidance or to reduce or remove the mental depression and which may encourage and boost the spiritual instinct for living a better and happier life.

                L. To provide cooking, eating and other utensils or clothing temporarily or from time to time daily needs on special occasions of the persons or families of the persons who are for any reasons incapable for providing these for themselves at time of need, either free or against nominal charges. 

               M. To accept donations, raise subscriptions, from the members of the trust or other persons, to invest the funds of the trust with such individuals, societies, firms or deem proper and necessary for the fulfillment of the aims and objects of the trust and to further its interest as enumerated above. 

               N. To provide for all activities for improving the moral standards of the people, promoting respect for all religions of tolerance and cordial feelings between man and man irrespective of difference of caste, color, creed or religion.   

             O. To promote spiritual studies and open spiritual training and yoga centres for general public and to do everything to make spiritual studies popular amongst the public. 

               P. To start, maintain and assist in relief measures in those parts which are or become subjected to natural calamities like famine, fire, flood, earthquakes etc.

                Q. To establish, found and maintain libraries, reading rooms for the use and convenience of general public.  

              R. To award prizes, medals and that like in universities, colleges, schools etc. to encourage students for higher and better education.       

         S. To give monetary help to disabled or blind persons in the form of monthly allowance or gratuities.

                T. To open, Found, establish, maintain and assist leper asylums or other institutions for helping the poor, destitute, widows and orphans of all faiths and communities.
                U. To give stipends, allowances or gratuities, recurring or otherwise, for the maintenance etc. for such time or duration as may deem proper and necessary.

                V. To do any other act or thing which is ancillary to the achievement of any of the above stated objects.  

              W. To render help, arrange for and encourage and promote celebrations of national, cultural, social and such other festivals and jayanties as conducive to this object. 

               X. To aid or establish, takeover or collaborate with any 'Gau shala' or any other animal or bird house. 

               Y. To take any necessary action for conservation and development of herbal plants to maintain the ecological balance. 

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